Friday, November 13, 2015

Fall Fashion for Men, that Women Love to Wear

'National Standards' Broadcloth shirt & 'Bethnals' Joey slim straight jeans

With the addition of 'BETHNALS' unisex denim to our fall line at 'Motherland', we decided it would be a good time to take a look at some fall styles for men, that women love to wear.

It has been no secret that women love wearing guys clothes, from over-sized knit sweaters and shirts to the ever popular 'boyfriend' jean.

Whether it be for comfort or style, there's no denying that women can look great in men's clothes.

'National Standards' Broadcloth shirt
'NatStan' Fleece Sweatshirt

'NationalStandards' Cashmere and Wool Hoody and Gingham Flannel

'NationalStandards' Grey Wool Coat

'NationalStandards' plaid flannel/zip cardigan

'NationalStandards' Wide Roll Crew/Japanese Yarn Dyed Flannel

'NatStan' Basic White T

Men's fashion is arguably better than ever.  So if you've never tried to wear men's clothes, now might be just the time.  Just remember, when choosing pieces for your wardrobe, that it's all in how you wear it.  Mixing and matching for contrast, going super oversized or getting creative and turning a shirt into a tube dress, it's all up to you, so make it your own.

Good style is good style no matter how you flip it. So get creative with your wardrobe and try on some men's clothes.